Dryer Vent Cleaning Riverhead, NY: Good Riddance to Evil Dryer Lint!

Dryer vent cleaning Riverhead: Dryer vent cleaning prevents dryer fires. Dryer vent cleaning prolongs the life of your dryer and your clothing. Dryer vent cleaning prevents inflated energy bills. Do you understand why dryer vent cleaning is so important?

Failure to clean dryer vents is the cause of most dryer related fires. Dryer lint is the culprit. What do you know about dryer lint and how it is formed?

How is dryer lint produced? Where does lint come from?

The lint screen collects and contains about 60% of lint removed from tumbling laundry. Dryer lint is simply small fibers that are shed from clothing as it agitates in your washer. Heat and tumbling motions cause clothing and other materials in the dryer to break down and produce lint.

The dryer forces heated air through laundry as it tumbles in the rotating dryer drum. This allows clothing fibers to break loose and form clumps of lint.

As the dryer heats and dries your laundry, it also dries the lint. Air flow forces the lint into the lint screen. Remember, I mentioned that only 60% of dryer lint is trapped in the lint screen. Where does the rest go? Great question.

Lint is sneaky; it can escape into the dryer cabinet and the dryer duct. In the dryer cabinet, lint can cause problems with the motor, belts, pulleys, and other moving parts inside the dryer.

Lint is evil; it can build up in the dryer ducts and reduce air flow. As air flow is reduced, heat and moisture cannot easily escape. Now, the lint, that should be dry, is moist. It sticks to the sides of your dryer duct and attracts more lint. Now you have all the ingredients needed to start a serious, rapidly spreading, fire!

Now that the fire recipe is complete, the accumulated lint will provide adequate fuel to keep it burning and allow it to do serious damage to your property.

Over 15,000 dryer fires are reported annually, with failure to clean dryer vents being the number one cause. Dryer fires cause millions of dollars in property damage and death and injury to people and pets every year.

The lint screen needs to be cleaned after EVERY load of laundry. Professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended periodically by the U.S. Fire Administration to keep dryers operating safely and efficiently.

John Ryley is the Wizard of Riverhead. Let him work his magic to eliminate a fire hazard and increase the efficiency of your clothes dryer.

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